Said's spoken English is phemonal.  He is not quite as well versed when writing in English so the biography above was edited just a bit for grammer and puctuation. 
A brief introduction from Said:

My name is Said Salim. I was born in 1979 in the Kondoa district in the Dodoma Region of Tanzania. I have two brothers and three sisters.  I moved to the Usambara Mountains when I was still very young and don't think I will ever leave.  I love everything about the Usambara Region.

After finishing my primary (seven years ) and Secondary Schooling (six years),  I decided to study Tourism at the well known Arusha Tourism School and then at Ngorongoro Tourism Institute with a special focus in Botany, Mamology, Herpetology, Ornithology, and Entomology.  I am fluent in Kiswahili and also speak English and German.

I have been working as a Tour Guide and Tour Organizer since 2003 and absolutely love helping others discover the country that I love so much. 

My local upbringing, strong educational background as well as my self-study in local history allow me to offer you in-depth and well rounded insight into all that Tanzania has to offer; the beautiful nature, the fascinating history as well allowing me to introduce you to local children who I believe are the future of Tanzania.

I particularly enjoy offering tourists the opportunity to combine several types of experiences into one unforgettable vacation.  My strong organizational skills allow me to plan (with your desires being my only priority) everything from when you arrive in Tanzania to when you leave including airport pick-up and drop off, all transfers, lodging, meals, etc and my local connections often allow me to do so for FAR LESS than if you were to try to book all these exciting adventures on your own. 

It is my pleasure to answer any questions that you have.  Please don't hesitate to contact me by clicking here regardless of where you are in the planning process. 

A bit about Said Salim